The Clean Technology Report

Global demand for clean technologies has grown substantially in the last five years. This growth is being driven by rising energy and water costs, concerns with climate change and public demand for environmental protection. Global investment in clean technologies is also increasing at a rapid rate and is the fastest growing area of venture capital investment. In 2008, global venture capital investments in clean technology companies was approximately $US 8.4 billion globally, up 38% from $6.1 billion in 2007.

OCETA and The Russell-Mitchell Group are collaborating to develop a series of Clean Technology Reports to support the growth and profitable development of the clean technology sector in Canada. The first report in this series is The 2009 OCETA SDTC Cleantech Growth & Go-to-Market Report.

The overall goals of The Clean Technology Report are to:

Explore the product commercialization capacity of the clean technology industry in Canada.
Identify the structural and economic barriers to commercial success faced by Canadian-based clean technology companies.
Quantify the domestic and global market potential for clean technology solutions.
Build the sales and marketing capacity of Canadian clean technology companies.
Develop and share the commercialization best practices and strengths of Canadian-based clean technology companies.
Showcase Canadian-based clean technology companies who are moving from technology development and demonstration, to product commercialization and market development.
Profile leading clean technology companies whose strategic intent is to become global market players and who are moving into the market entry and market volume phases of their business.
Support policy-makers, investors, service providers and clean technology company managers to improve the likelihood of commercial success of Canadian companies.