The 2009 OCETA SDTC Cleantech Growth & Go-to-Market Report presents the findings of an extensive study undertaken in the autumn of 2008, where over 60 of Ontario’s leading clean technology companies were surveyed, including 31 CEOs who were interviewed about their strategies for growth and their companies’ commercialization capabilities. The Report:

Explores the product commercialization capacity of the clean technology industry in Ontario, and the structural and economic barriers to commercial success faced by Ontario-based companies
Identifies the best practices in commercialization of some of Ontario’s most successful clean technology firms
Presents the relationship between domestic markets and the companies that make up Ontario’s clean technology industry
Identifies opportunities for clean technology company managers, investors, and policy makers to support both the growth of Ontario’s clean technology industry and improve the commercial success of Ontario’s clean technology companies
The Report is divided into six main sections:

Ontario’s Clean Technology Industry provides a qualitative and quantitative discussion of the structure of the industry
Ontario’s Markets for Clean Technology offers a view on the trends and drivers affecting domestic demand for clean technologies, and a discussion on how domestic customers can contribute to the industry’s global competitiveness
Ontario’s Clean Technology Companies’ Best Practices outlines the best practices employed by some of Ontario’s leading clean technology companies to compete globally
Opportunities for Ontario’s Clean Technology Industry presents opportunities for policy makers and company CEOs to enhance the industry’s competitiveness
Company Profiles offers the profiles of some of Ontario’s clean technology companies
The Appendices to the Report provide additional background materials, including: Methodology; Major Sources of Government Financing for Ontario-based Clean Technology Companies; Sources of Public Venture Capital for Clean Technology Companies; and Glossary, Abbreviations & Acronyms.