With global markets for clean technology products and services promising high and sustained growth for years to come, Ontario’s clean technology industry has a significant opportunity to capitalize on the substantial public and private investments in clean technology innovation.

The 2009 OCETA SDTC Cleantech Growth & Go-to-Market Report outlines how Ontario’s companies and both federal and provincial levels of government should consider three main economic development opportunities in order to fully realize the potential of these investments:

Commercialization Capacity and Management Development – Owners and managers of companies should invest substantially more in developing commercialization capabilities, management capacity, and in commercialization activities
Domestic Demand Development – Federal and provincial governments should consider increasing domestic demand for clean technologies through targeted incentives, aligning demand with industry capabilities, and promoting higher levels of clean technology customer sophistication
Investment Opportunity Development – Ontario’s clean technology industry represents an equity investment opportunity well in excess of $1 billion over the next five years, and considerably more if investments in demonstration plants and proof-of-concept equipment are included. As capital is more constrained than ever, industry and government should consider innovative ways to finance the clean technology industry’s growth