Ontario BioAuto Council

The Ontario BioAuto Council sees unique and special opportunities, both environmental and economic, from the production of automobile parts and other consumer and industrial products, using biological feedstocks.

The BioAuto Council vision – to position Ontario as a global leader in the manufacture of automobile parts and related materials from agricultural and forest-based feedstocks – plays to Ontario’s economic strengths which include a dominant automotive industry, major provincial capacities in chemical and plastics production, and strong capabilities in agriculture, forestry production and the manufacture of products derived from these renewable feedstocks.

The Council joins the diverse natural resource sector of the province with visionary business leaders who understand the prospects of biomaterials. By uniting agriculture and forestry, the chemical and plastics industry, and auto-parts manufacturers and auto-assemblers, the sectors can produce new, valuable materials and chemicals from biological feedstocks.

The Council acknowledges the risk associated with new product innovation and as such has created a small investment fund which targets product and process innovation for biomaterials development in Ontario. The Council also provides biomaterial companies access to a network of ideas, innovators and investment capital that can help move new technologies to the marketplace.

The Ontario BioAuto Council takes confidence in staking a global claim for Ontario in viable, economical, sustainable bio-based materials.