Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Canada has one of the most successful and prosperous economies in the world today. That success is a product of many distinct Canadian advantages, including longstanding openness to international trade and investment. Participation in global commerce has helped Canadians build a strong, stable economy that boasts thousands of leading-edge companies, a highly skilled and educated workforce, world-class financial infrastructure and top-quality research and development facilities. Canada is an ambitious and dynamic player with a strong track record of success in global commerce.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) delivers Canada’s foreign policy objectives and works to expand the participation of Canadian business in world markets. The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) of DFAIT helps Canadians in the international marketplace, while promoting Canada as a dynamic place in which to do business and a competitive location and partner for investment and innovation. Supporting Canada’s clean technology industry globally is an important priority of the Trade Commissioner Service.