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OCETA and The Russell-Mitchell Group are collaborating to produce The Clean Technology Report to accelerate the growth and profitable development of this newly emerging and important sector. The Clean Technology Report is a trademark of The Clean Technology Report Partnership, a partnership of OCETA and The Russell-Mitchell Group Inc.


OCETA is a private, not-for-profit Corporation that supports the commercialization and market adoption of innovative technologies and environmentally sustainable solutions. OCETA promotes and enhances Ontario innovation by acting as a value-added intermediary to provide timely connections to partners and capital, and to deliver programming, business advisory and technical services. OCETA has specific mandates from municipal, provincial and federal governments to promote the profitable development of Ontario’s Clean Technology sector. Since its formation in 1993, OCETA has advised and assisted some 1,500 environmental and clean technology companies in Ontario with commercializing their innovations. Visit OCETA at
“The opportunities for Ontario’s clean technology companies are promising; however, world-class technology alone will not guarantee commercial success. To grow and be profitable, these companies will need sufficient risk and growth capital, top management talent, strong market demand for their innovations, and effective marketing and sales strategies.”

Kevin Jones, President and CEO, OCETA
About The Russell-Mitchell Group
The Russell-Mitchell Group is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping Canada’s high-technology companies become globally competitive. Founded by industry veterans with decades of operating and consulting experience, The Russell-Mitchell Group has helped some of Canada’s most successful technology companies accelerate growth and become market leaders. With offices in Toronto and Ottawa, The Russell-Mitchell Group serves clients in Clean Technology, Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Biotechnology. Visit the Russell-Mitchell Group at
“Ontario’s clean technology companies are rightly recognized for their world-class technologies. Now, the success of Ontario’s clean technology industry largely depends on how well these companies market and sell in a highly-competitive global marketplace. Developing marketing and sales capabilities in Ontario’s clean technology companies is a critical next-step in building a thriving clean technology industry in Ontario.”

Céline Bak, Partner, The Russell-Mitchell Group