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Defining “The Clean Technology Industry” and Profiling Clean Technology Companies in Ontario

Defining “clean technology” or the “clean technology industry” is challenging.

“Clean technology” and “cleantech” are terms used variously to refer to a wide spectrum of technologies and industries from alternative power generation, photovoltaic solar panels, and advanced biomaterials to environmental consulting, pollution abatement equipment, and remediation services. Sometimes companies that use environmentally sound manufacturing processes are also considered to be clean technology companies. Adding to the complexity, it is common for clean technologies or the companies that make them to be termed “environmental” or “green” technologies or companies.

The 2009 OCETA SDTC Cleantech Growth & Go-to-Market Report focuses on Ontario’s clean technology industry, i.e., the companies who design, develop and manufacture innovative technologies that reduce negative ecological impacts.

For the purposes of this Report, to be considered an Ontario-based “clean technology company” a company needed to meet two key criteria:

Predominantly engaged in the development and marketing and/or the use of its own proprietary technology to deliver products or services that reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts, address social needs, provide competitive performance, and/or use fewer resources than conventional technologies or services
Headquartered in Ontario, with the majority of its executive management and research and development (R&D) teams located in Ontario