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ntario Clean Technology Companies Best Practices

Ontario Clean Technology Companies Best Practices

One of The OCETA SDTC Cleantech Growth & Go-to-Market Report’s objectives is to draw attention to the commercialization best practices and strengths in Ontario-based clean technology companies. The Report identified 12 best practices grouped under three major headings:

Best practices in strategy and growth
Best practices in product management
Best practices in marketing, sales and distribution
Best Practices in Strategy and Growth

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1. Be Intentional About Growth
2. Think Global
3. Make Sufficient and Well-Timed Investments in Sales and Marketing
Best Practices in Product Management

4. Sell the Product, Not the Technology
5. Economic Value: Understand it, Communicate it, and Price it
6. Prove It: Get Trusted, Independent Validation
7. Use Local Supply Chain in Early Stages
8. Select Plant Locations based on Multiple Criteria
9. Protect Intellectual Property, Globally
Best Practices in Marketing, Sales, and Distribution

10. Engage with the Government
11. Be Selective about Channels
12. Sell into Networks