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Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation

Places that invest in innovation are home to the most rewarding jobs, strongest economies and best quality of life.

That’s why Ontario created the Ministry of Research and Innovation (MRI): to focus the government’s commitment to make innovation the driving force of Ontario’s economy. Innovation is the key to growing our existing companies faster and creating successful new ones. Research is the foundation of all innovation.

That’s why Ontario’s Innovation Agenda is a vital component of Ontario’s five-point economic plan. Backed by almost $3 billion over eight years, Ontario’s goal is to support world-class research, attract and retain the world’s best and brightest researchers, and position Ontario as a global leader in key areas like health science, health technology and cleantech.

The world is looking for cleaner ways to generate power, and for new ways to live and do business more sustainably. This represents a multi-billion dollar global market. It also means cleaner air and a more sustainable planet for our children.

Ontario plans to be at the forefront of this new, green economy.

Ontario’s Innovation Agenda is about becoming the best place in the world to take good ideas to the global marketplace. It’s about turning global challenges like climate change into new jobs, and better lives for Ontario families, through programs like the Innovation Demonstration Fund and Next Generation of Jobs Fund.

When we invest in innovation, we are investing in a strong economy and healthy communities that provide high-quality jobs and better lives for people in Ontario.

“Cleantech is a priority for Ontario. We want to be the best place in the world to turn good ideas into globally competitive businesses and good, green jobs. That’s why support for cleantech research and companies is a part of Ontario’s $3-billion Innovation Agenda, our government’s commitment to make innovative thinking the driving force of our economy.”

John Wilkinson, Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation

“Innovation – and support for product commercialization – is key to growing our existing businesses faster, and turning the rising global demand for clean energy, renewable fuels and eco-friendly products into new jobs, new industries and new investment for Ontario.”

Michael Bryant, Ontario Minister of Economic Development